You know how there was so much advice out there when our kids were babies and toddlers? Then suddenly (spoiler alert 🚨), you hit the most challenging years of parenting, and help is hard to find?

We call that the Mom Cliff.

And it's why we started Girlology. 

As your daughter is entering a new phase of rapid change and growth, your parenting strategies require some change and growth, too. Plus, you just need trusted information. It’s not easy to adjust to her body changes, morphing attitudes, big emotions, and growing independence, but with the right support and community, the journey is a LOT easier (for everyone involved).

As doctors, moms, aunts, sisters, and friends, we’re in this with you. And we'll use this space to provide the support you deserve. This is where we’ll share parenting challenges and offer strategies that can help – some based on research and clinical medicine, some based on been-there-managed-that wisdom.

In the comments, we invite you to share your stories that illustrate the challenges of parenting through puberty. We'll create new content based on your needs. We’ll lean on our expert professional network as well as our trusted friends and community as we all do our best to raise healthy, informed, and confident daughters.


Did you know that Girlology also offers grade-by-grade, on-demand, video playlists to support her and you — on all things girls' health? Learn More Here.