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The App that has every mom saying…“I wish I had this when I was growing up.”

Who is Girlology for?

Every Girl! Girlology supports girls and parents through the challenging years of puberty with grade-by-grade on demand resources and coaching that focuses on 3rd through 8th grade. Our members come in all shapes and sizes & we've got you covered at every age and stage.

How does Girlology support girls and parents?

Designed by nationally-recognized girls' health doctors, you'll get grade-by-grade video coaching for her and expert parenting support for you. Our on demand grade-level videos and resources help you navigate every subject gaining essential knowledge, building confidence and enjoying some humor. Take a peek inside Girlology

How easy is it to get started?

With ready-to-watch playlists, getting started takes less time than the drive-thru. Watch our Welcome Video to learn more!

Can she watch Girlology on her own or do I need to view it with her?

For younger members, we suggest pairing Girlology classes with quality parent + daughter couch time. The essential puberty classes create lots of opportunities for giggles, Q&A and connecting. If you have a curious middle schooler, don't be surprised if she disappears into her room with her tablet. Whether you're watching videos together in the kitchen or she's in the back seat of the car reading our period ebook, you'll always feel confident she's informed with Girlology!

How are the in-person programs different than the on-demand classes in the membership?

The essential content is the same, but Girlology’s in-person programs are taught live by top healthcare providers in over 25 states throughout the country. With Girlology's on-demand subscription, you’ll get the same content from those top providers, but you can watch at your own pace and in your own space. In addition, the on-demand program includes over 450+ resources, grade-by-grade playlists, parenting support and exclusive wellness coaching hosted by Girlology Founder's Dr. Trish and Dr. Melisa.

When will I be billed?

We'll bill your payment method after your free 7-day trial. You may cancel your subscription at any time!

Do you have puberty education for boys?

Our name might be Girlology, but we also have Guyology! Check out our Just the Facts boy's puberty program for details.

Does Girlology have content for special needs children?

As physicians, we love caring for our special needs patients and recognize the importance of individualizing their care. To make sure you are getting the best support for your child, we recommend the Vanderbilt Kennedy Center.

How do I contact member support?

We care about our members and love to hear your stories, questions and feedback. Email us day or night at

How do I cancel my subscription?

Every Girlology plan comes with a FREE trial and members can cancel at any time. To cancel, simply go to MY ACCOUNT, click “Profile”, then click “billing” to cancel. 

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