Should You Point Out Her Acne?

by Apr 10, 2024General, Her Moods & Mind

When it comes to adolescent acne, there’s a progression that’s pretty typical as puberty begins:
oily skin > blackheads > pimples > and some will advance to full-blown acne.

Gee thanks, hormones 🙄

As parents, we may cringe inside at the first sight of acne on that sweet little face, but parenting a pre-teen or teen is such a balancing act.

  • Do you say anything or not? 
  • Do you just leave some acne wash by her sink and hope she discovers it?
  • Do you calmly suggest a skin care routine without letting your eyes stray to her pimples?

You desperately want to help her avoid the self-esteem impact of acne, but you also need to avoid the emotional crisis that could erupt by pointing out her skin flaws. 🌋

As a mom, I’ve walked on those eggshells, but then I learned to apply my doctoring skills at home, and it got a little easier. 

As a doctor, we’re trained to make observations and ask questions: 

“I notice you have some blackheads and a few pimples. Do they bother you?”

The key is showing NO emotion or facial expression to indicate pity, concern, or worry.

In this type of situation, if you can be like a blank piece of paper with a Yes or No checkbox ✅ you’ll be less likely to set off an emotional melt-down. (hint: this skill is critical for parents of tweens and teens. Practice it and apply it often!)

If her answer is a solid “No,” just move on and make no other comments other than, “Awesome, if it ever does, just let me know.” 

If her answer is anything else,

“Sort of,”

“Not really,”

“A little,”
or (as my drama-queen answered,
Omigosh YES!!! Why would you even ASK?”

then you’ll want to watch our tips from dermatologist Dr. Angela Casey, starting with THIS ONE to help her understand what causes acne and the essentials for treatment.

If she isn’t bothered by skin issues, she won’t be motivated to follow any skin care routine beyond washing (and even that is a struggle for some tweens!). If that's the case, then this tip is exactly what you (and she) need for now.

But when she’s ready for help, we’ve got you covered with this tip from Dr. Trish: Treating Acne When It First Starts.

And if you're looking for a recommendation on choosing products for her skin? We are loving Bright Girl skin care products. Dr. Angela Casey is the creator of Bright Girl products specifically made for young skin — with simple, safe ingredients. Use the discount code: Girl20 for 20% off your order at


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