What to Watch for When She’s Learning about Puberty

by Mar 23, 2023Her Changing Body, Her Moods & Mind

😂Whether you’re watching our on-demand puberty program with her from the comfort of your couch or you’re attending an in-person Girlology program offered by your local Girlologist, I want to share some insider information.

There will be plenty of facts dropped and jokes floated, but do you best to pay attention to the “feel good” moments.

After teaching our girls’ puberty programs to thousands of girls and their caregivers for 15+ years, these are the moments I love to watch. Most often, they show up in facial expressions or body language, but sometimes you'll find them in their laughter or whispers. 

So if you're ready to get started with our Level 3 playlist that introduces her to the basic puberty topics or you've diving right into the our full puberty class with her, keep an eye out for some of these things. I hope they warm your ❤️ and remind you that you're doing a great job by making sure she's informed and prepared. 

  • the way she reluctantly walks in (or agrees to watch), but quickly becomes comfortable. 😂



  • how truly curious she is about her body and how it works. 🤔



  • those sighs of relief as she discovers she’s normal and not alone. 😅



  • her “oh!” and “aha!” moments when she “gets” how period products work. 💡



  • The giggles that bubble up as she realizes these chats don’t have to be so serious! 😆



  • the nods and knowing glances she shoots you as we chat about friendships and moods. 😏



  • the emotional connection you feel during this shared experience. 😥



  • and the way she leans into you or reaches out for a sweet touch that lets you know this is meaningful. 💕

Sharing this class truly creates connection. It also serves as an ice-breaker and a springboard for so many future chats. We hear from parents all the time that they watched a class with their daughter, and it strengthened their connection because they were talking more comfortably and frequently about changing bodies and minds. When that happens, you are way more likely to become her trusted go-to, and that is so protective.

So watch for the feel-good moments for YOU, and take comfort in knowing SHE will enter puberty and adolescence with greater confidence knowing what’s ahead.

You're doing a great job!

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