Should You Raise or Lower Expectations?

by Aug 24, 2023Her Moods & Mind

Have you ever considered lowering expectations to avoid disappointment? 

Guilty. 🙋🏻‍♀️

I’ve not only thought it, I’m pretty sure I’ve said it out loud – to myself and to my children. 🤦🏻‍♀️


But what if I told you that when you expect the best outcome, it is scientifically more likely to happen

Not by coincidence, 🎲

but according to science backed by numerous well-designed research studies.🔬


The power of suggestion is a real phenomenon. 


Once we expect something to happen, our thoughts, behaviors, and responses actually work behind the scenes (i.e. in our sub-conscience) to make that thing happen. 


Think something is going to be painful? You will experience more pain. 

Think something is going to be difficult? You will make it more difficult for yourself.

Think you are going to excel at a task? You probably will.

Think you’re going to experience side effects of a medicine? You probably will, even if you’ve been given a placebo.


The brain is powerful beyond what we understand. 🧠


Recent research from the field of Psychology suggests this happens because of our “response expectancies.” Once we expect something, our subsequent thoughts and behaviors will actually help bring that outcome into being.

 It’s the power of positive thinking. Affirmations. Setting intentions. Metaphysics. We see it all over the self-help world because there’s really something to it.

To me, The most interesting thing out of this study also showed that it’s not just about SELF help. It’s also clear that the suggestions we communicate to others (openly or subconsciously) have a big impact. 


Do you expect her to be difficult? She’ll be more difficult. 😡

Do you expect her to be kind? Watch her kindness grow. 💗

Do you see her as capable? Watch her skills grow. 💪🏽


We all have to be mindful of what we suggest to and expect from our children. 


If we can get better at suggesting success and wellness and responsibility (and believing it ourselves), their thoughts, behaviors and outcomes will be more likely to follow that path.


Want a practical application? Flu shot season is approaching. Do you anticipate that she'll feel ill after her flu shot? 😷🤒🤧

 If you do, watch this tip, and suggest to her that she will be just fine! 

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