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October means it’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and I want you to know that your daughters are more aware than you know, and sometimes it makes them anxious. 😥

They take in messaging about the signs of breast cancer, like knots or lumps, and they worry — especially when they have those breast “buds” that show up as hard knots beneath the nipple. 

We know they worry because we get hundreds of questions from them every month. And when we talk with girls in-person, we witness their sigh of relief once we explain that those tender, hard knots that “bud” are normal and not cancer. 

If we want to reduce girls' anxiety, it’s important to help them worry less about their bodies. So in this breast focused month, we want to raise awareness that girls worry a lot about their breasts and they deserve answers. 

Want to know what worries them most? Below are actual questions sent to us from girls. These represent some of the more common themes they worry about. We've presented them word for word. Somebody please help them with punctuation and capitalization 🙃. Of course, we've provided links to answers you can share with her from our library. 

If you're not yet a Girlology member, you can listen to a live discussion Dr. Trish and I had about these questions and more on Facebook HERE. We also have a helpful article for her HERE.

 Ready for the Questions?

Q: “do i need to wear a bra? how do i ask for one? HELP! im 12” 

A: Do I have to wear a bra?


Q: “Am i supposed to check my breasts every month and how do i do that?”

A: When should she start self breast exams? 


Q: “can i eat anything to make them grow or do any type of work out? please help me i don't want to look like a pancake none of my tops fit me because i have nothing there!!!!”

A: That question and other commons ones about size are covered in this segment of our on-demand video class, “What to Expect When Your Breasts Bud.”


Q: “I have a knot under my nipple and i’m scared its cancer and how do i tell my mum?”

A: Should I worry about a knot under her nipple? 


Q: “If the bud is gone will they still grow?”

A: This one's also covered in this class.


Q: “I’m 12 and already a 34D it’s really embarrassing at school (7th grade) because of boys. My mom said if they get bigger I might need a reduction which I’m scared about.”

A: Help for girls with larger breasts

I think we could all use a little less worry in our lives, and there are a LOT more questions like these. Help your daughter get the information she needs to feel confident about her changing body. Girlology is here to guide and support you.

One more thing… if you’re over 40 and haven’t had a mammogram, make that appointment, and talk with your doctor about your individualized breast cancer risk assessment. That will help your daughter worry less about YOU (remember, they’re more aware than you realize)! 💝

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