How to Make Resolutions that Stick

by Dec 27, 2022Her Changing Body, Her Moods & Mind

It’s that time of year when we feel driven to reflect on the past and make resolutions for the new year. We all do that differently – maybe while we walk, or journal, or sip wine, or talk with family and friends. Or maybe while we work on a vision board. 

To some, all that “work” seems self-indulgent or maybe futile, but getting focused and intentional about goals and dreams is a well recognized and important part of any process improvement – whether you’re an artist, a corporate executive, or a caring parent. 

I used to roll my eyes at New Year’s Resolutions because I never got it right. 🙄 Year after year, I was beating myself up around mid-February as I realized that, once again, I hadn’t kept most of my resolutions. I grew weary of watching the “new me” slip into a “February fail.”

But about 7 or 8 years ago, I changed my process, and that changed me. 

Now, resolutions don’t defeat me. Instead, they keep me grounded in my values and more intentional as I continue to unfold and grow as a human (and a mom). 

What did I do differently? 

I switched the intent of my resolutions AWAY from fixing what I was doing wrong (or not doing right) and shifted my focus to creating a short list of resolutions that would create JOY, CONNECTION, and IMPACT.

Once I started doing that, I also noticed that several resolutions re-surfaced every year. It wasn’t because I didn’t stick with them and needed to try again, but it was more that they WORKED – and they improved my life. Now, I walk my dog. I meditate. I improved our dinner conversations. I make a point to attend live music performances. I volunteer. These resolutions became new habits which are now part of “who I am.” 

To give you another example, one of my recurring resolutions always involves my children (three daughters), and here it is:

I Resolve to PREPARE HER for what’s ahead.🔮

First, we have to get real about what's ahead. If you're not sure, ask parent of a child a little older than yours (and even if you think you know – ask anyway!). The things we need to prepare her for aren’t always easy to talk about, but preparation is critical for her confidence, her emotional well-being, her health, her relationships, her safety — and her joy.

You may have figured this out way faster than I did. I mean, you’ve already come to Girlology perhaps to do exactly that — preparing yourself to prepare her.

So, If you RESOLVE TO PREPARE HER, I can help make this resolution an easy one for you to keep. Just join the Girlology community and download the app. It will support you both wherever you go, whenever you need it. 

Schedule PREP TALKS regularly: friendships, puberty, skin care, period problems, mental health topics, healthy nutrition, sports, injuries — there are endless topics. Just pick some that might be on her horizon. 

Notice these things: the connection you are sharing; the impact it is making on her knowledge, wellness & confidence; and the JOY you feel when you see how this works. The more you use it, the more it will become habit, and part of who YOU are!

Cheers to raising prepared & confident girls! 🥂


Did you know Girlology has grade-by-grade video on demand playlists to support her and you through all things puberty and adolescence. Our doctor-moms cover topics like this and lots others! Learn More HERE. 

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