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Girlology is the voice that parents trust to deliver age-appropriate, medically accurate, and engaging information to eliminate fears and ensure kids grow up with confidence.

Our programs enable parents, and children to have honest, real-world conversations with healthcare providers who are passionate about adolescent health. Our goal is to help kids understand their bodies, eliminate misinformation, and reduce adverse health outcomes that burden teens and young adults.

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“My daughter truly loved the program and had undeniable confidence with a new understanding and knowledge about her body. The class opened a floodgate of questions, enabling us to become closer in our relationship as mother and daughter. Thank you for offering this program and stimulating such great conversations and an opportunity for further understanding of our bodies."

Rebecca M., Houston Tx.

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Something New About YOU

When girls learn about puberty before it happens they face it with greater confidence

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Just the FACTS

Boys need knowledge about puberty, hygiene and girls. They need to hear it in a setting that is active, entertaining and cringe-free comfortable talking about puberty and their health.

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Arming boys and girls with an accurate, yet age-appropriate understanding that will set the stage for future conversations