You know how it's hard to talk with your kids about puberty and sexual development? Well, we help YOU talk about IT. ALL of it. 


What began in 2003 as a grassroots outreach of busy clinical practices, is now a growing national brand with the voice parents trust for age-appropriate, medically accurate, engaging and cringe-free messages about growing up safe, healthy and informed, especially when it comes to puberty and sexuality.

Founded by Dr. Melisa Holmes, an ob-gyn and mom of three, and Dr. Trish Hutchison, a pediatrician and mom of two, Girlology happened because kids needed a lot of information, parents needed help starting conversations, and our founders - well, they're really chatty and absurdly comfortable talking about all of this stuff. They started talking with groups of moms and daughters, and the demand for Girlology, and eventually Guyology, kept growing.

Today, parents and children are attending Girlology & Guyology programs in communities across the country. All of our programs are led by a select group of passionate physicians and educators trained in our curricula and methods.

By bringing parents and kids together to have honest, real-world conversations, we are changing the culture of sexuality education. That’s important because parent-child communication and connection around tough topics have been proven to set the stage for a lifetime of open dialogue, stronger relationships, and healthier choices.

And we're not just about puberty and reproduction. We promote healthy sexual development by talking about self-confidence, body image, social media, Internet safety, risk taking, prevention, decision-making, relationships, consent, and love. We know that’s a lot, and some of those discussions are difficult, but through our programs, our books and our web community, we help parents and kids start conversations that matter.