We don't usually promote products (and we're not being paid by any of these folks...) but we love great gifts! We talked with some of our Girlologists across the country and found out what they are giving some of their own daughters. We believe these gifts will spark creativity, boost confidence, support healthy habits or just create special times with friends and family. Let us know what other gifts you find that do the same for your girls!

Here by popular demand, the Official Girlology Uterus Pillow! You've seen them in our programs, now you can have one in your own room! It’s a super comfy pillow and a bold decorative accessory for the confident and proud! Hand crafted in the U.S.A. using high quality brightly colored polka dot fleece and polyfill, approximately 24” x 24” and delivered in a protective clear plastic wrap. How cuterus! Get yours HERE




How about some Period Underwear that gives her confidence?! Knixteen is a new company that has her back (or at least her clothes!). This highly absorbent underwear is meant to be a back up to her pads and tampons so that leaks or overflows are absorbed and her clothes stay clean! You won't even believe how "normal" they feel - no plastic-y layers or diaper-y thickness. Girls love the new freedom they feel at school and sports knowing they're covered against period accidents! Check out KNIXTEEN HERE.




For anyone with a girl ages 8-11, our book, Girlology: There's Something new About You gives girls CONFIDENCE & KNOWLEDGE as they face puberty. It covers all of their body changes as well as changing friendships and emotions. What is doesn't cover is important sex, no "how you should groom your fingernails" and nothing too "girly." Just matter-of-fact, medically accurate puberty education in a voice that girls appreciate. It's perfect for girls before and throughout puberty! Get your copy HERE




For preteen and tween girls, this is a magazine for girls, by girls. It will open their minds and encourage them to support each other and girls around the world. Full of creativity, empowerment, diversity, helpful information, and support, this is a place where girls can find their voice and expand their world. A subscription to New Moon Girls is a perfect holiday gift for the young girl in your life! Get it HERE.




And just for some outdoor, creative, fun - for ANY age, we love these Sticklets. They're simply "connectors" for sticks so she can use to make a fort...or a sculpture... or an arbor... the possibilities are endless and full of creativity! Pair the sticklets with a bag of colorful fabric swaths and watch what happens. You can get them HERE





If your girl needs to start a daily hygiene and skin care routine, we can't think of a better product for her young skin. Good for You Girls takes great care to use only safe, natural ingredients, and specifically avoid  classes of ingredients that can act as hormone mimickers and may be harmful, especially to changing bodies. You can feel confident that your girl is getting safe products that also give great results for tween and teen skin. Check them out HERE. 




Sometimes, even tweens and teens want a good old fashioned game. Not Parent Approved is a Girlology approved game they will love! It's  hilarious, edgy, and very social. Have you ever played Cards Against Humanity? Yep, this is the family friendly version you wish you had when your kids were around! Definitely contains some potty humor and middle schoolish humor, but hey - it makes them laugh, and it might even start a few important conversations! 




Ever seen a group of girls all huddled around a phone oogling over that tiny screen? Sharing is caring, and this smartphone projector lets her share her screen anywhere. We might even be able to project a Girlology program with it! It's a super low tech device that will also teach her a little about optics. Coming in around $20 through most vendors, it's like old school technology for your tech savvy girl. We found this one at Urban Outfitters, but there are several variations at similar prices. 






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