Below are articles about Girlology and by some of our professionals.

Dr. Lea Mahoney provides 5 great tips for having "The Talk" Girlology style!

An article written by Girlology and Guyology co-founder Trish Hutchison, MD, in WakeMed's Spring 2017 edition of Family First.  You'll want to scroll to pp. 12-15 for the article.  

An artilcle by Dr. Lea Mahoney, an OB/GYN at HCA’s Henrico Doctors’ Hospital, who represents one of the many “Girlologists” around the country equipping girls and parents with medically-based information on puberty, sexuality and adolescent health.

North Florida Women's Care physician Dr. Vikkie McKinnie talks about Girlology and Guyology programs expanding in Tallahasssee, and the website as a tool for children and parents.  

Johnston-Willis Hospital physician Dr. Alynn Alexander talks about Girlology programs south of the River in Richmond, Virginia. 


Dr. Jaime Taylor is interviewed about starting Girlology program at Detroit-area Beaumont Children's Hospital.  

Palmetto Health physician Dr. Laura Ledlie is shown leading puberty presentations for boys (Just the Facts) and girls (Something New About You) with their parenst.  


Dr. Holmes helps you prepare for two questions your middle school student will have - and how to answer them.  

Dr. Erin Vilano of Riley Children's Health writes about the conversations important to effectively guide children through puberty.  

Dr. Melisa Holmes, co-founder of Girlology/Guyology and Ob-Gyn, writes about free ebook on offer from Girlology.