Physician Title: 
Sexuality & Technology Expert and Researcher

Dr. Megan Maas is a professor of adolescent development at Michigan State University and a mom of two girls. A former dancer, cheerleader, model, and actress, she knows all too well how a girl can get caught up in how she looks instead of focusing on what she does. Thus, her research focuses on sexuality, gender, romantic relationships, and sexual media use in adolescence.

Born and raised in California, Megan worked as a sex educator before earning her PhD at Penn State. A self-proclaimed sex-geek, Megan has served as a facilitator, workshop leader, and speaker on issues revolving around adolescent sexuality, sexualization, pornography use, sexual socialization, pornography use in romantic relationships, and parent-child communication about sexuality at universities and organizations across the country. She is determined to help girls find pleasure and meaning in their sexual and romantic experiences from the start! She blogs regularly about these issues at

When she’s not trying to revolutionize our sexual culture for girls, she is usually camping, napping, drinking wine, yoga-ing, cooking, or DIY-ing with her husband and daughters in East Lansing, Michigan. Girlology is proud to have Dr. Maas serve as our Research Director and our go-to on topics related to emerging sexuality in the digital era.