Physician Title: 
Communications Intern

Since she's way too awkward in face-to-face interactions, Jessica prefers to hide behind her computer screen and stick to social media as Girlology's Communications Intern. An amateur dancer, dessert enthusiast, and hopeless coffee addict, Jessica is a third-year Foundation Fellow at the University of Georgia studying women's studies, sociology, and biology. Outside of school, her hobbies include cooking with friends, dabbling in photography, and checking Twitter every 10 minutes to see if Beyoncé's noticed her yet. 

Now that she's had plenty of time to recover from the dark days of middle school, Jessica is passionate about helping teens better understand their changing bodies, relationships, and identities. With Girlology, she hopes to promote open and honest conversations about puberty and sexuality. In her college town, Jessica works with a local nonprofit to deliver free period products and menstrual health education to homeless girls and women. On any given weekend, you can find Jessica excitedly telling fun facts about reproductive health to her bored and slightly uncomfortable friends over brunch. She spends her time researching sex education policy and access to reproductive health services in the hopes of pursuing a career as an OB/GYN and women's health advocate.