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“The doctors are really funny and I liked learning about my body.”
Gabby, 8

“The videos are fun to watch, keep her engaged and wanting to learn more. I wish I had Girlology when I was growing up!”
Jillian L, Gabby's Mom

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Who We Are

We're helping moms. When you had a toddler, there seemed to be helpful advice at very turn. Where's that support now? 

Two decades ago, 2 physician moms set out to help parents and kids navigate the body & mind changes that come with puberty. Girlology, the most trusted name in girls' wellness, provides expert, on demand support and coaching for kids & parents. She didn’t come with a manual, so we built one for you.

What are the Benefits?



96% of Girlology girls report they are  less anxious asking questions about their body



92% of Girlology moms feel more comfortable talking about body changes with their daughter



95% of Girlology girls report feeling more confident about their body



98% of Girlology moms report they would recommend Girlology as a valuable health resource

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Did You Know?

76% of girls report they are taught more about the biology of frogs than their own body in school.


One-half of all mental disorders begin by the age of 14


85% of moms are concerned about their daughter's confidence and body image


88% of teen girls report they were confused and unprepared for their first period


Helping over 1000 providers improve girl's health through better puberty education

She's Ready



Moms always ask… When is the best time to start talking about body changes and puberty? Not so early that she doesn't understand. Not so late that she's already heard it from her friends. Download our Puberty Timeline for a guide to what to expect and when.

Mom-Tested. Physician-Designed.

From period tricks, bra shopping tips, to anxiety tools – we're sharing practical + medically accurate answers to 100's of issues that matter most to you and her.


In-The-Moment Support.

Get expert on-demand health + wellness coaching from your favorite devices. Our bite-sized videos have you covered from head to toe – ready to inform and support you both when you need it the most.


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