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Writer & Editor

Holly Renehan joins Girlology as all-purpose writer and editor. She was ecstatic to contribute to Girlology’s mission of educating and empowering young people and their parents, particularly after completely bumbling through her first important conversation, when her then-4-year-old daughter, at 6:30 am one morning, asked how babies get in tummies. Prior to staying home with her two young daughters and her two giant dogs, Holly worked as a reporter, covering entertainment, sports and banking for business, community and lifestyle publications in New Orleans. She was a high school all-state violinist and soccer player and attended Rhodes College on a full academic scholarship. There, she earned a bachelor’s degree in creative writing and all-conference soccer honors. She also holds a master’s degree in creative writing from Florida State University, where she taught freshman composition. When not taking care of her two young daughters and two giant dogs, Holly likes to write short fiction, read, cook, run and go to the bathroom by herself. She loves artichokes, gumbo, Lyle Lovett and eating. She does not love water snakes, mulch or really tight shoes.