‘Tis the season for shopping guides, and Girlology is back at it with our 2022 gift guide for growing girls! We’ve already seen enough tech and beauty recommendations for teens, and although we have nothing against those, we are focusing on gifts that help their growing bodies and brains. We have 9 categories full of ideas to inspire your gift-giving for your favorite girls (or really anyone on your list!). And remember, there’s always the gift of Girlology. 😉


Train her Brain

Legos have grown as much as she has, and for big kids (and adults) you can find Lego sets for everything from flowers and succulents to robotic machines to VanGogh paintings.

Ouisi is a game with beautiful images and the challenge of finding visual connections. Great for all ages.


Games like Dixit, Codenames, and Ticket to Ride involve a little strategy, but are simple to learn and are great for tweens to adults.


Support her Creativity

Art supplies, sewing or needlework supplies

Craft Kits

Wall Collage supplies

Photo printer

Lessons in any artform! Music, dance, drums, theater, pottery, songwriting

Percussion box (Cajone)

Journal to share or one with daily questions to prompt her creative flow


Grow her Green Thumb

Plants (succulents, cacti, terrarium kit, bonsai) with a small water mister bottle

Indoor container garden

Propagation station (buy one or create your own with an assortment of small jars)

Cute potting containers and soil (for all the plants she will propagate!)

Avocado seed starter vase


Nurture her Mindfulness

Headspace or Calm app

Singing bowl

Meditation cushion

White noise machine

Aroma therapy diffuser

Weighted blanket or eye mask

Adult coloring book

Glitter jar (you’ll have to make this one – instructions in an old newsletter linked here!) 


Encourage Movement

Sports wear

Yoga mat and yoga app

Skates, scooter, skateboard (Dr. Trish says nothing motorized please!)

Annual membership to your local county parks

Gift certificate to second-hand sporting goods store

Lessons in a sport she might want to try

Flying Orb Hover Ball 

JBL Speaker clip 4 or JBL Go 3 (music she can take on-the-go)


Connect with Her

Tickets to an event you’ll experience together: music, festival, play, dance performance, horse show, dog show, convention for her hobby

Donate to her favorite charity and give a coupon to volunteer there together.

Trips: weekend getaway, tourist in your own town, stay with a friend and explore their town.

Shared journal – leave notes, questions, or prompts for each other

Download the Be Real App and enjoy sharing random moments with each other once a day!

Certificate for night out once a month and let her pick the activity!

Watch a Girlology class together! (discount code for annual membership shared in our IG live!)

Any of the games or puzzles above create great opportunities for connection.


Help her with Hygiene Hacks

Electric toothbrush and floss!

Personal hair trimmer

Girlology classes on hygiene (get the discount code from our Instagram live!)

Puberty kit (for younger girls): bras, gentle body cleansers, deodorant/antiperspirant, razors, shaving cream, shampoo, conditioner, hair ties, lip gloss, water bottle, sunscreen.

Skin Care Kit: Gentle cleansers, moisturizer, if acne: face wash with BP or SA, differin gel, pimple patches, sunscreen!

Period Kit: pads, tampons, extra underwear, zip lock bag, unscented wipes, consider environmentally friendly products like period underwear or cups, discs, heating pad, bath salts, aleve or motrin, dark chocolate.


Reinforce her Responsibility

A pet!

Let her plan (or help plan) a trip itinerary from beginning to end

Cook book and money to buy plan, and prepare 1 meal per week

A white board

Coupons for “life lessons” from friends, neighbors, family members to teach her skills like changing a tire, hanging pictures, cooking, building a fire, using a fire extinguisher, putting gas in a car, reading a map, using a power tool, etc.

Open a checking account with a debit card

Birdie (safety alarm)


Enhance her Education

Audible membership

Library card


Gift Card to Independent Book Store (and a copy of our latest book, Youology)

Gift of Girlology! (Discount code offered in our Instagram live!)


For the holidays or any occasion, we hope these gift ideas help you support her and stay connected with her through all of her growing years! What would you add to this list? Let us know in the comments!


Did you know Girlology has grade-by-grade video on demand playlists to support her and you through all things puberty and adolescence. Our doctor-moms cover topics like this and lots others! Learn More HERE.