We wouldn’t be Girlology without a “monthly,” right? So, every month, you can check back here to get a new downloadable item like tip sheets, fact sheets or helpful tools.

This month's free download: This is NOT a VAGINA! An Anatomy Primer

Help us help the world to stop calling vulvas vaginas. Learn what a vagina IS and what it ISN'T (like it isn't everything "down there!").



And these resources are ALWAYS available to you! 

Menstrual Calendar

By keeping track of her periods on a calendar, you and your daughter will be able to recognize what’s normal and what’s not. And if it's not looking normal, or if you're worried, this is the perfect tool to take to your healthcare provider! 

Tampon & Pad Safety & Smarts!

Worried about the safety of tampons? TSS? Things you've heard that make them sound dangerous? Get the science-based facts and our recommendations in this downloadable!

You Got IT

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