The Girlology Foundation is collecting gently used and new bras for girls ages 8-12 served through our free programs for under-resourced families. If you have growing daughters or just an interest, we could use your help! 

In our puberty program for girls, we talk about a LOT of things including first bras, bra shopping and sizing. When we host our programs in the suburbs, we don't usually have to worry about girls' parents being able to provide bras for them when they're needed. With our new outreach, we have many girls whose families can't afford to buy them bras that fit. We'd like to offer those girls their own, properly fitted bras to take home.

Would you PLEASE donate gently used bras or new bras that we can distribute to these sweet girls (ages 8-12). We mostly need starter bras and sports bras for all band sizes. Please no overly sexy push ups or lingerie type bras. Most girls like colorful, comfortable, and lightly padded (modesty pads at most).

If you prefer to donate $$ for us to buy them, The Girlology Foundation is a 501(c)(3) and can provide a receipt for your donation. You can donate through Paypal by using the email: Our Foundation website is still under construction, but will be live in early fall, and a DONATE button will be there!

You can ship them to: Girlology, 66 Rock Creek Drive, Greenville, SC 29605. We are happy to pick up if you're local to Greenville or Charleston, SC, just let us know!

Questions? email or call 843-693-3326. 

These programs are offered through grant funding and partnerships with community organizations serving low-income families.

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