Girlology's There's Something New About You

This book has been perfect for my 9 year old daughter. She loves the stories that lead into each chapter topic. We have read it together, and it has opened up our communication so much! Thank you for writing such an honest, accurate book that doesn't promote physical "beauty" but is all about self confidence and feeling good about body changes.

You're at that age when there is a lot going on. First bras…hair growing on your legs…changing friendships…and periods. Some of it makes you feel embarrassed, some of it makes you want to scream, and some if it makes you want to roll your eyes and crawl under a rock. Welcome to puberty.

Right now you can't imagine how any of this could be fun. But read this book and you can face the weirdness, get over the gross factor, and head into puberty with confidence and knowledge. It's definitely not a boring lecture like you hear in school. And it's not like an embarrassing little chat with your parents. It was written by two female doctors who are moms (and they're pretty funny). In addition to the advice, there are great stories about a cast of characters who are going through the same things you may be: Claire thinks she'll never develop; Lily is embarrassed to shop for her first bra; Riley is mortified when she gets her period at her dad's house; Brianna doesn't know what to say when the boys tease her; and Tess is worried about whether or not she can use a tampon so she can swim in her swim meet.

There's Something New About You will help you make sense of a very confusing time!

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Chicas algo nuevo te esta sucediendo

Este libro ha sido perfecto para mi hija de 9 años. Le encantan las historias que conducen a cada tema del capítulo. Lo hemos leído juntos, y ha abierto mucho nuestra comunicación. Gracias por escribir un libro tan honesto y preciso que no promueve la "belleza" física, sino que se trata de la confianza en uno mismo y de sentirse bien con los cambios corporales.

Estás a esa edad cuando hay mucho que hacer. Primeros sujetadores ... cabello que crece en tus piernas ... cambiando amistades ... y períodos. Algunos de ellos te hacen sentir avergonzado, otros te dan ganas de gritar y otros si te dan ganas de poner los ojos en blanco y arrastrarte debajo de una roca. Bienvenidos a la pubertad.

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Guyology: Just the Facts

"Finally. A book for my son that has the perfect amount of puberty facts without going into sex. My 4th grader had a lot of questions about girls changes and boys changes - and this was the perfect solution! Thank you!"

Here's the deal: you're not a little kid anymore. So as you get older, there are some things you need to know. Like how to change a flat tire on a bike; how to divide big numbers; and what happens in puberty. Wait. What? Well, that turned awkward didn't it? But it's true.

Guyology: Just the Facts will give you exactly what you need to know (and no more) about puberty - that time when your body starts changing to look more grown up.

By the end of elementary school, there's definitely some puberty going on around you, and more to come. When will your changes start? What's going on with the girls? How much will you grow? How do you take care of your growing body? Why do you feel so clumsy sometimes? It's normal to have a lot of questions, and that's why you need THE FACTS - now.

This book will help take away the awkward and give you just the information you need to feel confident and ready to take it all on!

Paperback version now available on Amazon


Girlology: You Got IT

"My 12 year old daughter started her period sooner than I expected, and I was panicked trying to find information for her that was helpful but not too clinical. You Got IT was perfect. She was reassured and said the book was "actually good.” You can’t get a better compliment than hearing that from an almost-teen!”

Girlology, known for helping teen girls understand and respect their changing bodies, now offers this ebook which provides honest, practical, and cringe-free details that girls want to know about menstruation and menstrual periods. Written by an ob-gyn and pediatrician who speak to thousands of girls each year through Girlology programs and a web community, the authors instill knowledge and confidence in a trusted voice. Read this and you'll learn why you have it, what to expect, how to handle it, how to plan for it, and where to get more information on staying awesome. You got it? You've got this!

Thanks to a second year of funding, from now to May, 2018 Always and Tampax are partnering with Girlology to help you get it... for free! 

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Girlology: A Girl’s Guide to Stuff That Matters

It can be really tough to find a balance between providing great information and doing so in a voice that really reaches girls. This book succeeds beautifully!! Girls will love the fun, easy way important topics are addressed and moms will appreciate the nitty-gritty details!

The ultimate straight-talk book for teen girls ages 11 and up.

According to Girlology, knowledge is power – or more specifically – Girl Power! Whether you believe it or not, there’s a lot more to know about the body and the opposite sex. This book will give you confidence and girl power to build your goals, beliefs and future.

In this book, you will find straight-talk about: Friendships, Parents, Sex, Sexuality, Teen relationships, Media influences, Values, Decision Making.

And it does it without being preachy, dull and scientific. Think about it, couldn’t you use a little Girl Power to deal with everything in your life?!