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This downloadable presents the most common STIs among teens in the U.S. 

Help teens understand that STIs can happen even when "sex" doesn't happen. All teens should know how to protect themselves against STIs through condom use and vaccination. And all sexually...

Help boys and their parents understand and prepare for puberty by sharing this downloadable. Providing this information BEFORE the changes start to happen is the best way to help them start a dialogue about puberty, and help him face it with...

Help your girls and their parents to understand what to expect in puberty. Sharing this information BEFORE changes occur is the best way to help her face it with confidence. 

Answers to common questions and concerns we hear from parents about the HPV vaccine

HPV vaccination is recommended anytime between ages 9-26, but it's specifically targeted at girls AND boys ages 11-12. Many...

Know The Facts 30 seconds

Before you get close, get the facts. 1 in 4 teens will get an STD. Protecting your health is key. Sexually transmitted infections can happen with skin to skin contact, not just "sex." If you're having sex, get tested. If you're thinking about it, protect yourself. 

Puberty is beginning earlier for girls today than in past generations. Earlier puberty increases a girl’s risk for obesity, diabetes, heart disease, breast and endometrial cancers, depression, anxiety, substance abuse, body image...

Dr. Amy Cooper, Girlologist and Gyn Cancer Specialist, shares an emotional story of diagnosing cervical cancer and taking her son to get vaccinated. It's about cancer and cancer prevention.



She has almost no expression on her face the first time I meet her. She is so reticent that I can’t be certain if she speaks Spanish or English or both. As it turns out, she speaks both and is more comfortable with English. She has been emergently transferred from an outside ER for vaginal bleeding to the point of hemorrhage. She needs to have a pelvic exam and the hospital room beds don’t have stirrups. My office does. The CT scan in the ER revealed a pelvic mass...


Watch this video to learn who we are, what we do, and how we can help YOU talk about IT. 

Every year, I seem to get at least one phone call from a panic-stricken mom with a child in the fourth grade. It usually goes something like this (in a flustered whisper), "Help!! My precious, innocent little [insert child's name] just came home from school and told me that one of her friends told her what sex is.

When I asked her what she was told, her description included words like 'under the sheets,' 'wiggling,' and 'poking.' She seems upset and scared. Now what do I do?!?!"

That's the reality with late elementary age children. There will always be some kids in the class that have older siblings who have shared "the big secret" about sex. Or perhaps there's a precocious child who has developed his or her own definition...

Songwriter girl camp. I don’t know. It sounded a little too Disney-channel for me. But, it wasn’t for me or even for girlology. It was for my daughter who sings [constantly, I’ll add with a smile] and is interested in the art and craft of songwriting.

So with guitar, hook book, and a hand-held recorder, we boarded a plane for Nashville and headed to Songwriter Girl Camp.

What my daughter got out of it is worth her own blog, or rather, her own song—which you might just hear on the radio one day. What I got out of it is even bigger than that (for me). It was confirmation. Assurance. Another verse for my anthem. My girl anthem. Uh huh. Oh yea. Girl power, girl strength, girl wisdom, girlosophy. I was watching things that I...

Pre-School? You think I’m kidding, don’t you? But if you have a pre-schooler, you know how curious they are! Just a few days ago, my four year old asked me, “How can I get a baby in my tummy?” Now, there’s a talking opportunity!

So, being the sex educator that I try to be, I jumped right in to that teachable moment (even though I was tempted to divert the conversation with something like, “How about an ice cream sandwich?”).

Believe it or not, pre-school is the perfect time to begin important conversations that will establish you as your child’s sexuality educator and help your child feel comfortable coming to you with all those awkward but important questions.

Whether you are talking about it or not, a child is...

I’m not talking about man-boobs, although there’s plenty to blog about there.  But I have to share a story about my husband, a girlology dad. First of all, let me say that both of the Girlology husbands (dad’s) are very girl-oriented…er, girl focused…girl centric…girl crazy! They can talk breasts, hair management, tampons and periods with the best of us.

Being married to us makes that a requirement. But Michael, my husband out did himself on this one.

Being the handy Girlology Dad that he is, he actually made Anne Claire, my oldest daughter, a velcro-closure, adjustable bra out of……duct tape. It actually came out pretty well, but not something she would ever wear in public until maybe college and some worrisome frat party...

Puberty at age seven? Normal? The research is telling us that seven is the new eleven when it comes to girls and puberty.

But I have a feeling Mother Nature is not entirely on board with this one. 

Neither am I.

It seemed like a healthy thing at first.  In industrialized societies from the mid 19th century to the mid 20th century, the average age of menarche (first period) decreased from 17 years to 13 years.  The change was attributed to widespread improvements in nutrition and health.

More recent studies have shown that over that last half century or more, the age of menarche has stabilized around age 12, but the onset of puberty, particularly breast development has continued to decline –...

I got a phone call from the middle school today. The voice on the other end was hard to identify because of the sobbing between rushed hysterical phrases.  Oh god. The last time I had a phone call like that, my oldest daughter had been involved in a car accident.

Finally, intelligible words came, “I…..have……head…..lice! You….have to….come….. get…..me.”

Apparently, someone brought a nasty case of head lice into our quiet, well-behaved school. Rumor has it that it was passed along through the Rosetta Stone headphones. And somehow, the entire girls volleyball team was infested, too. But they’re all so “clean” and “nice.” How could it be?

Isn’t that how we all think?  Not MY kid. Not at OUR school. Ewwww. I know it’s...

Puberty is inevitable, but every girl has a unique experience and handles it in her own way. You can help make it a positive experience by helping your daughter know what to expect and reassuring her that some of the weirdness is actually normal!

To help her (and you) know what’s coming, here’s a brief overview of “the order of things”

  • Feet and hands grow first.
  • Breast buds are next for about 85% of girls.
  • Remember that one side usually buds first as a hard, sometimes tender, knot under the areola. The other side will bud within a short time usually, but sometimes it takes up to 6 months.
  • Shortly after breasts bud (a sign of circulating estrogen), she will begin to have vaginal discharge (...