Physician Title: 
Ob-Gyn & Girlologist

Dr. Amy Cooper is our pioneer Girlologist who is taking Girlology West. She is a Kentucky native and an all-around all-star. She attended Rhodes College where she was on their championship teams for golf and soccer. She also received about every academic award imaginable. 

Although she lives Boise, she gained her Girlology skills as a medical student at the University of Kentucky (where she won all of their academic awards), then as an Ob-Gyn resident (more award-filled years for her teaching skills, surgical skills, and smarts) at the Medical University of South Carolina with Dr. Holmes as a mentor.  She then completed a fellowship in Gynecologic Oncology at the University of Kentucky, and currently practices in Boise, Idaho with the St. Luke's Mountain States Tumor Institute. Taking care of cancer patients can be emotionally and physically tough, but Amy has the spirit and endurance to do that with grace. Besides, she maintains a healtlhy balance by enjoying outdoor activities with her two children and husband, and leading Girlology programs, of course.

We know Amy as an energetic mom, music fanatic, snowboarder and favorite doctor to many (despite their reasons for seeking her care). Amy is one of our most entertaining Girlologists - both in and out of her programs - don't miss her next gig!