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Alison Armstrong-Conner is our Golden State Girlologist. A psychologist in Fresno, CA, Dr. Conner specializes in treatment for adolescent girls and their families. She is a master of creating challenges and insight-building tools for adolescent girls’ emotional health --  which she generously shares in blogs for our website. “My goal is to provide girls with a supportive, positive space to unlearn the pressures of better and best, and instead hold on tightly to the idea of learning to appreciate their beautifully imperfect selves,” she says. “Everyone’s life stressors vary in complexity and intensity, but at our basic human core, each of us needs to believe we’re lovable.”

Dr. Conner holds a deep understanding and reverence for girls’ process of becoming. “The ability to incorporate knowledge of adolescent development with understanding social, emotional, and cognitive issues empowers girls to become stronger and more confident,” she says. “Emotions can be tough, but learning to successfully manage them is key to healthy emotional development — and a rewarding life.”

Just like Girlology, Dr. Conner hails from SC, and she remains a southern girl at heart. She’ll never lose her cravings for shrimp and grits, and her fashion statement is flip-flops with pearls. When she’s not enjoying her relationships, she’s looking for water — swimming is her daily sanctuary and “reset button.”

In addition to swimming laps, her favorite activities include cooking, skiing and dance parties in the kitchen with her family. She and her husband, Patrick, have two children, Gentry and Daniel.